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ORDINANCE <br />ORDINANCE NO. 6268 <br />(General) <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE EUGENE-SPRINGFIELD METROPOLITANAREA <br />GENERAL PLAN (Metro Plan) TO ADOPT THE SPRINGFIELD 2030 REFINEMENT <br />PLANRESIDENTIAL LAND USEAND HOUSING ELEMENT AND TO ESTABLISH A <br />SEPARATE SPRINGFIELD URBAN GROWTH BOUNDARY PURSUANT TO ORS <br />197.304. <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SPRINGFIELD FINDS THAT: <br />WHEREAS, in 2007 the Oregon Legislature passed and the Governor signed into law Chapter <br />650, Oregon Laws 2007, codified as ORS 197.304 and commonly known as "House Bill 3337"; <br />and. <br />WHEREAS, ORS 197.304 provides as follows: <br />197.304 Lane County accommodation of needed housing. (1) Notwithstanding an <br />intergovernmental agreement pursuant to ORS 190.003 to 190.130 or acknowledged <br />comprehensive plan provisions to the contrary, a city within Lane County that has a population <br />of 50,000 or more within its boundaries shall meet its obligation under ORS 197.295 to 197.314 <br />separately from any other city within Lane County. The city shall, separately from any other city: <br />(a) Establish an urban growth boundary, consistent with the jurisdictional area of <br />responsibility specified in the acknowledged comprehensive plan; and <br />(b) Demonstrate, as required by ORS 197.296, that its comprehensive plan provides <br />sufficient buildable lands within an urban growth boundary established pursuant to statewide <br />planning goals to accommodate estimated housing needs for 20 years. <br />(2) Except as provided in subsection (1) of this section, this section does not alter or affect an <br />intergovernmental agreement pursuant to ORS 190.003 to 190.130 or acknowledged <br />comprehensive plan provisions adopted by Lane County or local governments in Lane County. <br />[2007 c.650 §2]; and <br />WHEREAS, ORS 197.304 requires Springfield to 1. evaluate the sufficiency of its residential <br />buildable land supply and 2. establish a separate Springfield UGB; <br />1. Evaluate the sufficiency of its residential buildable land supply. <br />WHEREAS, at a minimum, local housing policies must meet the requirements of Oregon <br />Statewide Planning Goal 10 (ORS 197.295 to 197.314, ORS 197.475 to 197.490, and OAR 600- <br />008); <br />WHEREAS, ORS 197.296 defines factors to establish sufficiency of buildable lands within an <br />urban growth boundary and requires analysis and determination of residential housing patterns; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, Oregon Statewide Planning Goal 10 requires incorporated cities to complete an <br />inventory of buildable residential lands and to encourage the availability of adequate numbers of