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CITY OF SPRINGFIELD, OREGON <br /> ORDINANCE NO. 6413 (GENERAL) <br /> AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE CITY OF SPRINGFIELD 2035 TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM <br /> PLAN, ADOPTING A SEVERABILITY CLAUSE, AND PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE DATE <br /> WHEREAS, Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) Section 660, Division 12 (the Oregon Transportation <br /> Planning Rule), specifies the requirements of Statewide Planning Goal 12 that requires cities and <br /> counties to prepare and adopt local transportation system plans for lands within their planning <br /> jurisdiction as part of their comprehensive plans; <br /> WHEREAS, the City of Springfield and Lane County co-adopted the City of Springfield 2035 <br /> Transportation System Plan (TSP) as an amendment to the Metropolitan Area General Plan (Metro <br /> Plan) for application within the area of planning jurisdiction of the City of Springfield, through City of <br /> Springfield Ordinance No. 6314 and Lane County Ordinance No. PA 1303 on March 11, 2014; <br /> WHEREAS, the TSP is a comprehensive 20-year plan to guide transportation investments within the <br /> City of Springfield's urban growth boundary (UGB); <br /> WHEREAS, the Oregon Transportation Planning Rule and the TSP direct the City to adopt the <br /> Springfield Conceptual Street Map into the TSP as a road plan for the Springfield's system of arterials <br /> and collectors; <br /> WHEREAS, the City of Springfield has initiated a Type II Metro Plan amendment pursuant to <br /> Springfield Development Code section 5.14-115.B.2 to amend the project lists and figures in Volume 1 <br /> of the TSP and to adopt the Conceptual Street Map into the TSP as a road plan for arterials and <br /> collectors and as a plan for multi-use path projects; <br /> WHEREAS, Volume 2 and Volume 3 of the Springfield 2035 TSP contain background information and <br /> data used to inform Volume 1, and Volume 2 has been updated as shown in Exhibit D; <br /> WHEREAS, the City is concurrently amending the Springfield Development Code to implement the TSP <br /> by separate ordinance; <br /> WHEREAS, timely and sufficient notice of the public hearings has been provided pursuant to SDC 5.2- <br /> 115 and ORS 227.186(4) ("Ballot Measure 56" notice); <br /> WHEREAS, in accordance with the Public Involvement Program endorsed by the Committee for Citizen <br /> Involvement, the City of Springfield has provided several opportunities for public involvement on the <br /> proposed amendments, including but not limited to a public project webpage, an open house, <br /> Stakeholder Sounding Board, and Technical Review Team; <br /> WHEREAS, the Springfield and Lane County Planning Commissions conducted a joint public hearing <br /> on the TSP amendments, Conceptual Street Map, and Springfield Development Code amendments on <br /> January 23 and February 6, 2018, and forwarded recommendations to the Springfield City Council and <br /> Lane County Board of Commissioners; <br /> WHEREAS, the Springfield City Council held a joint public hearing with the Lane County Board of <br /> Commissioners on these amendments on November 4, 2019, and is now ready to act based upon the <br />