Mayor and City Council

The Mayor and City Council make up the legislative branch of Springfield’s City government. Each of the six members of the City Council is elected by citywide vote and represents an area of town called a ward. The Mayor is also elected by citywide vote. The Mayor and City Council members serve as volunteers, without pay, for four year terms. They set City policy and make decisions regarding ordinances and resolutions, authorizing contracts, setting City goals, and adopting the City’s annual budget. The Mayor and City Council also appoint the City Manager, City Attorney, Municipal Court Judges, and many community members to serve on advisory committees. The Mayor and City Council guide City staff to provide the highest quality, lowest cost service to the residents of Springfield.





Meet Mayor Christine Lundberg


Born and raised in Springfield, Oregon, Mayor Christine Lundberg is the city’s 37th mayor. She has served as mayor since 2010.

Prior to being elected to public office, Mayor Lundberg volunteered to help pass bond measures in the city that resulted in the construction of two elementary schools, a fire station and  the restoration of the Mill Race. The Mill Race was instrumental in developing Springfield’s timber industry, supplying water that sawmills needed in the city’s early days. As part of its restoration, the Mill Race was recreated with a meandering channel, higher terraces along each bank, seasonal wetland ponds, and a beautiful multi-use path for walkers and cyclists.

Mayor Lundberg was first elected to the Springfield City Council in 1999 and served the Gateway Area for more than a decade. During that time, the PeaceHealth Hospital at Riverbend was built and transportation improvements to Interstate 5 and Beltline were planned. The first Bus Rapid Transit, known as EmX, route from downtown Eugene to downtown Springfield became a reality as well as the addition of the Pioneer Parkway EmX route.

The City of Springfield is a community built on the values of hard working entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Over the last 100 years, Springfield has grown to be a leader and champion of the advanced wood manufacturing industry.




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