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Slurry Seal is the most versatile and cost effective way to preserve and protect your paving investment over time. The application of slurry seal will significantly extend the life of existing pavements by protecting the undersurface from the effects of aging and the environment.

Streets are selected for resurfacing or slurry sealing through a variety of methods. The primary tool used is our computerized Pavement Management System. This system stores current and historical street condition data. This data includes the frequency of various pavement distresses such as potholes and cracking, as well as the ride comfort level.
The Pavement Management System predicts the future condition of streets with different types of maintenance practices. The software then determines the best method to maintain each section of street and looks at the entire city street system to find the most cost effective maintenance plan given specific budget constraints.

Slurry seal work

Slurry seal work

Slurry seal coating consists of asphalt emulsion, sand and rock which is applied to the street surface at 3/8” thick. This
cost effective maintenance treatment extends the life of streets already in good condition.  

Asphalt Resurfacing consists of installing a brand new layer of asphalt on top of the existing street surface at a thickness
of one to three inches. Streets are ground down (milled) at the curb line before resurfacing so asphalt will not build up at
the edge of the gutter.

By undertaking a program of planned pavement maintenance, considerable savings in rehabilitation costs may be
achieved. Your pavement surface will remain sound, usable and safe. In addition, extensive downtime needed to
repair potholes or reconstruct the pavement will be greatly reduced or eliminated.


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