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How to Load Your Truck

Acceptable Materials Spring Clean Up Partners



Please load your truck or trailer in the manner described below.

This will make your trip more efficient and save you time!

  1. Load items that are not reusable or recyclable first.
    These items will go to the landfill and will be unloaded from your truck last.

  2. Place tires on or toward the top of your load.

  3. Please load appliances last. The appliance station is one of the first you will visit.

  4. Load items that are reusable or suitable for donation to St. Vincent dePaul towards the tailgate.

  5. If you have a large amount of yard debris, please make a separate trip.

  6. To simplify unloading and minimize clean up, consider placing a tarp under the load.

Crews unloading a truck at Spring Clean Up event



Please take note of which items will be unloaded first, as these should be loaded onto your truck last.

Click here for a layout map of the drop site.


For more information call: 541- 726-3761

email: springcleanup@springfield-or.gov


City of Springfield, Oregon