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DISCLAIMER:  PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE USE.  PLEASE USE THIS ELEVATION DATA AT YOUR OWN RISK. This data is provided as a complimentary service and is intended to be used for surveying, engineering, and city-wide planning.  The City of Springfield provides no guarantees or warranties that accompany this product.  The City recommends that users of this data confirm the data through their own inspection.  In no event shall the City of Springfield be liable to the customer or any third party for errors, omissions or positional accuracy of this product, regardless of the form of claim or action, whether in contract or tort, including negligence, in the amount that exceeds the sum paid by the customer for the product.  The information contained was mapped by the City of Springfield through differential leveling methods.  This elevation data was collected at various times in the past several decades, and was recently verified for accuracy in the Summer of 2010.  To verify accuracy, the existing differential leveled data was shot with GPS and benchmarks found to be errant were re-leveled by differential methods.  The elevations provided are accurate to a tolerance of approximately 0.15’ or better.


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