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To help maintain the public health and safety and livability of our community, the City Council has adopted laws and regulations over the years that promote a healthy, safe and pleasant environment. The City's code enforcement staff investigates potential code violations and enforces the Springfield Municipal Code and Springfield Development Code.

Our goal is to work with residents and property owners to resolve compliance situations before they reach the need for enforcement action.

Filing a Code Enforcement Complaint
Complaints regarding code enforcement issues may be filed in person, by email, or by telephone. Code enforcement staff spends a large amount of time in the field, so the best time of day to reach staff is early in the morning or late in the afternoon.  You may also call ahead before coming in to City Hall to ensure an officer will be available.  Voicemail is available at any time.

In person: City Hall, 225 Fifth Street, SE Quad of the building

Office hours: Monday, Tuesday and Friday  8:00am - Noon and 1pm - 4pm
                      Thursday  10am – Noon and 1pm – 4pm

Officer Mott, 541.726.3659 or cmott@springfield-or.gov

Officer Kent, 541-726-3680 or ckent@springfield-or.gov


Please fill out the Code Complaint Form or be prepared with the following information:

  • The location of the problem, with street name and address
  • A detailed description of the problem
  • Complaints may remain anonymous.  If you choose to give your contact information, please be aware that this information will become part of the file and will be available to anyone who reviews this file, including the person       who may be receiving the complaint.  If you would like a status update on the complaint feel free to contact us.

Code Enforcement Includes:


Improper storage of garbage. Improper storage of dead organic matter and debris, including household garbage, brush, discarded items and animal waste. All garbage must be kept covered, in leak proof containers, and removed every seven (7) days.
Improper storage of used materials.

Improper storage of used materials, which includes such items as furniture, appliances, scrap, tires, and vehicle parts. All used materials must be kept inside

a legally constructed building with doors for entering and exiting.

Improper storage of an inoperable vehicle. Stored, damaged, and/or inoperable vehicles on private property. Each household may have one such stored vehicle provided it is kept inside a garage or behind a six-foot fence (if no neighboring houses are two-story). Vehicles that are licensed, insured and coming and going on a regular basis are not considered stored vehicles.
Signs in the right-of-way. Signs. Please refer to Chapter 8 of the Municipal Code.
Zoning Map Land use issues. Please refer to zoning for more information.
Open for business sign Business license compliance. Please refer to business licenses for more information.


For more information:
Common Code Violations

Miscellaneous City violations not regulated by Code Enforcement staff


Violation Contact
Basketball poles/hoops and other obstructions of the City right-of-way Development and Public Works Operations Division, 541.726.3761
Vision clearance obstructions Development and Public Works Operations Division, 541.726.3761
Vegetation blocking sidewalks Development and Public Works Operations Division, 541.726.3761
Building safety violations Development and Public Works Building Safety staff, 541.736.1029
Noise Springfield Police Department, 541.726.3714
Animals (domestic and farm) Springfield Police Animal Control, 541.726.3634
Backyard burning Springfield Fire and LIfe Safety, 541.726.3737 or LRAPA, 541.726.1930
Nuisances within the urban growth boundary, but outside of city limits Lane County Code Compliance, 541.682.3724
Environmental concerns Development and Public Works Department, Environmental Services staff, 541.726.3694


The City of Springfield commonly receives complaints which are not regulated by the Municipal, Development or

Building Code(s).  If the complaint is not regulated by City Code, it may be civil in nature and the City of Springfield

will not provide legal advice or guidance in civil disputes.  This includes disputes between neighbors, tenant landlord

legal matters or Home Owner Associations Covenants and Restrictions.



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